Portable Device

With Alpha Care, you can easily log patient requests and track them, without hassles and wires!

Custom Services

Understand your patients and their requests, your way. We will do the optimizing for you!

Quick Sync

We understand clients' need to be in time, because when minutes matter, we need to be fast!


Real Time Reporting

Generate graphical reports and record critical KPI data to increase your patient satisfaction metrics.

Cross Device

Track progress in real time with Alpha Care - available on phone, tablet, laptop and as hardware!

Premium Quality

Our team puts in their heart, soul and countless design hours to assure products of high quality.


We offer software-model and hardware-model to choose from, depending on your infrastructure!

Instant Feedback

Keeping your patients happy is important, and that is why we have integrated this mechanism.

Client Support

We are dedicated to our clients in providing professional service and an approachable atmosphere.

Our Story:

Alpha Care was conceived with the notion of providing premium patient care. We are the first in the country to redefine inpatient care and provide a unique experience.

We try to bridge the gap between patients, care providers and the management by tracking requests and real progress in real time. The seamless process ensures comfort and satisfaction for all stake holders.

Alpha Care believes in delivering technology that makes your hospital stand out and to service patient requests with ease. We constantly pursue better ways to source our components and make sure our products last as long as possible.

With Alpha Care, we hope to turn today's discovery into tomorrow's care. We provide everything you need, all in one place.


1. Promoting camaraderie and responsibility through intentional associations, partnerships, and participation.
2. Develop products that we can be proud of by striving towards true originality.
3. Ongoing commitment to growth and learning, and reliability in all aspects of business.

Worked With:

We are honored to have worked with some of the most reputed care institutions on an ongoing basis, supporting their efforts and helping champion their causes. We strive to give back and support their vision. A big thanks to these leading healthcare institutes for doing what they do to help build a more healthy community.

Manipal Hospitals Rainbow Children's Hospital Aster CMI
Columbia Asia Vikram Hospital